Wednesday 6/29/2011

Even though I was only participating in the Trade Show portion of BowlExpo, you still can never really get used to the size of this convention. Not only is the size amazing, but seeing all people who are important to this industry in one location at one specific time. Very rarely can you get all of the delegates, proprietors, staff, and companies under one roof for 8 hours. The delegates and proprietors are focusing more on the meetings and seminars, however, the trade show is a nice fill-in and takes their mind off of the important stuff.

Inside the convention is a lot of exhibitors trying to sell their product to the centers. Unlike a car dealarship, though, they do not hassle you about anything. You are free to try any samples of food, drinks, or desserts that you wish. Even when you try their product, most of the time they will not talk to you about it. However, if you were to attempt to grab a flyer or brochure, that is all they need to see. Once the hand moves towards the brochure, you are saying I would like your product.

It is also a fun experience because of all the professional bowlers broadcasting themselves as well as their sponsors. I know a good amount of the professionals, so it is kind of like a reunion. I will not say that I know a lot of the bowlers, but some of the younger guys I am friendly with. So, it is nice to walk around and say hello to them.

Everyone knows everyone. Because this industry is not the largest of all the other sports, everyone knows everyone. You will be walking through the trade show and get stopped several times to say hello to other center operators, delegates, professionals, or proprietors. It really is an eye-opening, jaw-dropping experience.

My AWESOME thought of the day: I think it is AWESOME that we can have as much free food, drinks, beer, and desserts as we want at BowlExpo!

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