The Final Reeperbahn Visit

Saturday 6/25/2011

Bright lights, thousands of people, unlimited amounts of drinks, all-night parties, utter mayhem, and a night you will never forget; this is what St. Pauli will give you each time you pay the Reeperbahn a visit. This night did not let me down whatsoever. The Germans, as always, are so eager to show you a good time when it comes to the night life.

The night started with a great dinner at a restaurant called Block House. Block House is a steakhouse that the German students promised me I would like their steaks. I was not disappointed! They actually had an option on the menu for an American Sirloin. When I first saw this item, I spoke outlaid and said, “I’ll be the judge of that!”.

After dinner, the Germans wanted to go to the lake for some reason. I had no idea what the reasoning could be, I could only imagine. They stopped at a liquor store and bought two bottles of liquor. They said they wanted to “pre-game” as the Americans call it. Sitting around the lake allowed me to reflect on my experience here in Germany. I was able to look at the beautiful scenery of Jungerfsteig, where the town hall is and where we were taken our first day here. Now, I am spending one of my last looking on it from the other side of the lake. Kind of ironic that I started not knowing anything on one side of the lake, and slowly made my way to the other side where it is more comfortable.

Then it was off to the Reeperbahn, and well, the rest is history. Many bars, clubs, and food stops made up the rest of the night, one I will never forget.

My AWESOME thought of the day: I think it is AWESOME how good German beer is, I am really going to miss it,

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