U.S. Women’s Open

Thursday 6/30/2011

Today consisted of the trade show finishing up as well as the finals of the United States Women’s Open. Of course, this is the bowling division of the US Open, but it still consists of the toughest pattern, and one of the toughest tournament layouts of the entire year. However, this year was exceptionally special.

You would be correct if you thought this was the Dallas Cowboys Stadium. They decided to make a full setup in center field and hold the finals of the 2011 US Women’s Open in Dallas Cowboys Stadium! We had some great seats and were able to walk wherever we wished to go. They had a large jumbotron that they were displaying what the televised show would look like including commercials, scores, and events.

During our “halftime” which is a break between the semi-finals match and the finals match, the Stadium decided to put on a little show for us. They first started with randomly selecting people who entered into the dance contest to dance on center field for some prizes form one of the sponsors of the event. Then, without any surprise, they shocked us all!

Yes, those are the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders! You should have seen all the faces of all the bowlers watching this show when these girls came out. You don’t ever see girls like this in bowling, or even any type of cheerleaders. Our sport is looked too much upon as a beer, pizza, and bowling type sport. Sadly though, the people running this industry know they can make money that way, so they will not try to grow the industry as a sport, but rather a recreation.

My AWESOME thought of the day: I think it is AWESOME to have seen the first ever US Women’s Open that was finalized in a football stadium!

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