Busy, Busy, Busy!

What can I say? This has been a busy past few days and I am trying to get everything done that I need t before heading to Germany. I am from Florida so I need to send all my belongings that I will not be using in Germany back to Florida. At the same time, I am staying as a guest in Fornello Hall so I can’t leave and come back when I please like I used to be able to. Today, I will be finishing packing two boxes and having U.S. Messenger Services deliver it to the Post Office so that I dont have to carry two boxes for 12 blocks! After I send those boxes, I will need to finish packing tonight because I am heading to Homer Glen tomorrow afternoon for the rest of the weekend until my flight. Looking forward to getting all of it done!


My first post!

I am not really sure as of yet how to plan these types of things but I will surely give it a shot!

Between yesterday and today I typed over 300 work orders for a company that I assist with IT work in Homer Glen, Illinois. I enjoy working for my friends Dad because it is most of the time work that I till be doing the rest of my life. I love doing IT work and working with computers, so being able to be in a real life situation and do work that I ENJOY is huge to me. I look forward to the rest of the weekend’s work and next week before I leave for GERMANY! I will check back with you on Monday!